Encoding and transcoding processes involve getting your signal digitized into the correct formats and bitrates for delivery to end users. Our team of experienced transcoding technicians will work with you to determine optimal resolutions for display to multiple devices.

Typically, for a live event, a single high resolution stream is sent to the Yare transcoding infrastructures where it is processed for PC, phone, tablet and other connected device distribution. For video-on-demand, when content is uploaded the Yare transcoding system automatically transcodes the video into the applicable formats as specified in the Content Management System.

H.264 video source feeds are the preferred format for the most efficient and high quality outputting of streams. Yare will work closely with you to determine best practices and workflows to get your content transcoded and delivered to users at the highest possible resolution, in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Click here for example of multi-bitrate video playback.