Getting your content online starts with getting a quality video production signal out of the venue and into an infrastructure that can effectively transcode your content for distribution to multiple devices. The Yare production team can assist with a review of onsite logistics and ensure that you have the requisite encoding capabilities and egress bandwidth required to deliver a quality experience.

Whether you need to rent an encoder for an event or purchase one for a linear feed or multiple events, our experienced team of technicians can guide you through every step of the capture process. We assemble leading edge encoding components into rack mount and desktop units and also offer state of the art, third party devices that include live video production studio capabilities.

Our Encoder Control Module manages all elements of live streaming events from scheduling and hardware allocation to encoder configuration, encoder control, archive file transfer and network distribution.

The Encoder Control Scheduler is the primary interface used to program and access event scheduling details. Users access the Content Management System to control encoder assignments, streaming bitrates, formats, archive setting and distribution requirements.

User account controls set permissions with applicable content control rights. An administrative level account, for example, may control capture of multiple sports or channels while other users may have account restrictions to one sport or channel.