Content distribution models are changing. We enable content providers to interact and engage directly with consumers over the internet, monetizing their content rights through subscriptions and advertising.

Yare means ready, prepared, quick and nimble. We are experienced and yare, which means we can quickly provide compelling video solutions to engage your audiences and drive new revenues.

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Helping you build your business

The world of video streaming represents an exciting new opportunity for content producers and distributors. The Yare team has a proven track record developing innovative solutions that service marketplace needs, engage consumers, and create stakeholder value.

We empower content rights holders underserved by traditional distribution models with powerful alternatives to deliver and monetize content across multiple device types using emerging casting technologies.

New connected TVs offer better internet-powered viewing experiences for sports, programs, and movies. We specialize in streaming high quality video to connected TVs. We’re all about the long form, lean back, larger screen experience.

The Yare solution enables content rights holders to implement a simple, inexpensive, and quick to market platform for delivery to connected TVs, computers, phones and tablets.


Enhance your brand and discover new revenue streams by creating innovative packages that you can deliver directly to your fan base.

Yare’s experienced sports team can help you capture your events and deliver a high quality experience to fans on the go – or fans wanting a large screen experience.

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The TV and cable word is experiencing unprecedented disruption. Today’s content providers can deploy direct to consumer solutions and reinvent how entertainment is delivered and consumed by viewers.

Whether you have a library of video-on-demand content or a linear channel, the Yare entertainment solution can get you to market quickly and cost-effectively with free-to-view, subscription or pay-per-view pricing options.

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Save money and expand your reach in delivering training programs, annual general meetings, trade shows and product launches using the Yare enterprise toolset.

Whether you are producing an one hour learning session or a 5 day conference, Yare’s enterprise solutions deliver a high quality, highly scalable video event.

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Yare Services

  •  Signal acquisition

  •  Encoding & transcoding

  •  Content storage and management

  •  Security

  •  Content Delivery

  •  Application Interfaces

  •  Analytics and Reporting

Monetization Strategies

  •  Subscriptions

  •  Pay-per-View

  •  Advertising

  •  Effective ROI modelling

  •  Sponsorship

  •  Quick to market solutions

  •  Support for multiple currencies