Yare delivers video content to viewers through networks with over 18,000 servers in over 80 locations. The Yare technical team will assess the best ingress path for ingestion and offer multiple distribution points to the Internet. This offers advantages such as load balancing for improved network throughput and expansion for mission-critical burstable requirements.

We distribute to Internet access points (POPs) in North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Included in our distribution capabilities are peering relationships with over 900 Internet service providers globally.

Yare provides support for multiple streaming media platforms including HLS, Macromedia’s Flash, MPEG-DASH, Microsoft’s Silverlight and Apple’s QuickTime and uses geo-targeting to restrict viewing to certain geographical areas based on the IP address of the user. Network capacity is 15 Terabits per second of egress capability.

Click here for example of adaptive bitrate video delivery.