Yare is a streaming media company headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Founded by seasoned streaming media veterans, the company is experienced and yare.

The word yare has a few meanings throughout the world. Webster’s defines yare as being ready, prepared, brisk, active and quick.

Yare provides solutions to address changing content distribution models in sports, broadcasting and entertainment. We focus on helping sports and entertainment properties underserved by traditional broadcast channels to implement go-to-market strategies that generate new OTT revenues and help grow their brand.


/ yär,yer /

prepared, ready, nimble, quick, agile

We enable specialty content providers to develop new revenue streams by effectively delivering HD content to connected TVs using leading casting technologies. Yare is ready and prepared to service the fast evolving needs of our customers.

We operate in accordance with the principles of agile software development promoting flexible and adaptive planning, iterative development, and continuous improvement. We pride ourselves on responding quickly and effectively to change to keep our customers ahead of their competitors with high quality, quick to market, cost-effective solutions.