The Yare Entertainment Suite enables media companies to:

  • Webcast live and on-demand over the internet to connected TVs, PC, phones, and tablets
  • Leverage the emerging world of pick and pay cable programming to interface directly with your subscribers via innovative subscription packaging and revenue sharing models
  • Cost-effectively deliver HD entertainment content to 50”+ screens


  • Specifically designed to service the growing legion of entertainment properties wanting to deliver a lean back, large screen viewing experience
  • Provides a simple, inexpensive and quick to market platform for delivery to connected TVs
  • Offers creative revenue sharing models to reduce barriers to entry and help entertainment companies maximize content value
  • Delivers cost-effective, high resolution video experiences across an evolving eco-system of large screen devices
  • Enables specialty content to be delivered via either subscription or free-to-view models

Enhance your brand, increase coverage, generate new revenues and own your subscribers. Yare offers a complete turnkey video solution – including video capture of linear channels and VOD, video asset and metadata management, publishing to multiple device types, transaction processing, user management, reporting and HD delivery to connected TVs.

The Yare production team has delivered content solutions ranging from single linear channel distribution to multiple channels with video-on-demand.

Our specialty is in enabling niche entertainment companies to deliver video to large screens over the internet in HD.

We can also help you get your content onto PCs, phones and tablets …. but we believe that the best experience for longer form entertainment is on a large screen connected TV.