Yare Media brings high definition IFAF World Junior Championship action to 180+ countries over the internet


Vancouver, BC – Yare Media Group Inc. announced today the launch of the 2018 IFAF World Junior Championships international viewing portal. The service includes delivery of all 9 tournament games, including the Gold Medal match, free to registered subscribers. Fans can tune into to enjoy the highest level of U19 football in the world. The games will be delivered live and on demand for delayed viewing.

Canada is the defending gold medallist at the event, having defeated the United States at the previous World Junior tournament in Harbin, China in 2016. The broadcasts are presented by Krown Countdown U. English language commentary and overlay graphics are provided by Hubcast Media. Video is provided by Máximo Avance . International Media coverage is provided by American Football International. The service will be available throughout the United States, Latin and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. The service is not available in Mexico and will feature only non-Canadian games in Canada. Within Canada games featuring the Canadian team and the Bronze and Gold Medal games are available through CBC Sports.

The portal is offered in a responsively designed interface specifically designed for easy navigation on handsets. The platform also operates on PCs and tablets using HTML5 video technology to deliver HD content in adaptive bitrates, automatically providing users with the optimal resolution for their devices based on their local internet connectivity. International fans (outside of Mexico) with broadband connections can use Chromecast and Airplay technologies to display games on their large screen TVs. The site is at http://ifaf.yaretv.com.

“It will be exciting for fans from the USA, Sweden, Japan and Australia to be able to tune and watch these young football players competing at the highest international level,” said Yare CEO, Hugh Dobbie. “The implementation of some very innovative technologies has made this entire production possible. We’re very excited to be a partner and have our platform supporting this marque event.”

With staff in Vancouver, Washington, DC, and Austria, the company helps media properties develop global revenue streams.

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